Free Short Stories

The Once Upon a Western collection features retellings of favorite fairy tales transported to Wild West settings.

Each of these short stories is a follow-up to a Once Upon a Western book and provides a chance to see what happens next to various characters.

"Who Lived in a Shoe"


A Mother Goose rhyme... re-imagined...

Levi Dalton is disappointed. He'd had high hopes for this visit from Uncle Matthew's old cavalry friend, Mr. Jones. Even though Mr. Jones brought along his wife, children, and a sister-in-law, surely he would have time to reminisce with Uncle Matthew about their time in the war. Then Levi would get to hear the kinds of exciting stories his father used to tell. 

But Levi's little cousins and the Jones children keep causing mischievous problems, not to mention the trouble Levi's new dog gets into. It seems like Uncle Matthew and their guests will spend the whole visit cleaning up messes, rescuing ruined meals, and disciplining children. Will Levi ever get to hear the stories of glory he's been craving?  Find out in this short story sequel to One Bad Apple!

"Blizzard at Three Bears Lake"


Goldilocks and the Three Bears... re-imagined...

Adventurous, imaginative Mary Rose simply wants to explore a little more of the Wyoming mountains around her grandmother's ranch. She knows that once winter arrives, she'll be stuck at the ranch for months and months. She seizes her chance for one last autumn outing and heads for a beautiful lake her new friends have told her about. But a blizzard descends while she's out riding alone, trapping her in a cabin inhabited by three fierce and furry strangers. 

Whether you got to know Mary Rose in her Little Red Riding Hood adventure, Cloaked, or are meeting her for the first time, you'll find plenty of excitement in her company!