Once Upon a Western Collection

The Once Upon a Western Collection features retellings of favorite fairy tales transported to Wild West settings.  Adults and teens will enjoy seeing the characters, plots, and other familiar elements of well-known fairy tales transported into the non-magical world of America's Old West.

Coming in August of 2018

Story Two:
Dancing and Doughnuts


Story One:

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Little Red Riding Hood... re-imagined. 

Mary Rose feels uneasy around Mr. Linden from the moment she meets him on the stagecoach ride to her grandmother's ranch in Wyoming Territory. But he works for her grandmother, so that means he's trustworthy, doesn't it? Everyone else seems to view him as honest and respectable, and Mary Rose wonders if she's overreacting.

She tries to ignore her suspicions until one night, she discovers his real reason for being at the ranch. Now, if she's going to save her grandmother -- and herself -- she's going to need to run faster than she's ever run before.