Articles in "Femnista"

Femnista is a free online magazine devoted to art, literature, history, and entertainment.  I have been writing for Femnista since mid-2014.  The mag has now transitioned to a more blog-like format to enable readers to interact with the authors and each other, and you can access it here.  Below are links to my individual articles:


"Nonsensical Geometry: The Two Love Triangles of Jane Eyre" (Jan/Feb 2019)


"More than a Kindred Spirit:  Ramona Quimby" (Nov/Dec 2018)

"Not a Fool: The Importance of Portraying Dr. Watson Correctly" (Halloween 2018)

"The Slumming Angel: Raymond Chandler" (Sept/Oct 2018)

"The Dangers of Patriotic Zeal: Taras Bulba" (July/Aug 2018)

"What a Legend Needs: King Arthur" (May/June 2018)

"My Nasty, Brutish, and Short Hero: Wolverine" (March/April 2018)

"Respect Me as a Human Being: Jackie Robinson" (Feb 2018)


"Repeating the Past: Dead Again" (Nov/Dec 2017)

"Haunted by the Hound" (Halloween 2017)

"Anne Morrow Lindbergh:  Aviatrix and Author" (Sept/Oct 2017)

"From One to Many:  What Westerns Tell Us About the Past" (July/Aug 2017)

"The Shadow Knows" (May/June 2017)

"He Didn't Expect to Change the World" (March/April 2017)

"Sabrina:  The Thought of What Could Happen" (Jan/Feb 2017)


"Han Solo" (Nov/Dec 2016)

"Consuming the Past:  The Lone Ranger" (Halloween 2016)

"A Tale of Two Illyas:  Character Changes in The Man from UNCLE" (Sept/Oct 2016)

"We Will Show Our Duty:  The Avenging Sons in Hamlet" (July/Aug 2016)

"Angel and the Badman:  Vengeance or Love" (May/June 2016)

"One Night with the King" (March/April 2016)

"Stubborn Romance:  The Films of John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara" (Jan/Feb 2016)


"A Renaissance Cinderella" (Nov/Dec 2015)

"Gertrude in Hamlet:  Femme Fatale or Female Fatality?" (Halloween 2015)

"A Snicker of Magic" (Sept/Oct 2015)

"The Many Flavors of Robin Hood" (July/Aug 2015)

"X-Men:  When Everything Old is New Again" (May/June 2015)

"Ben-Hur:  Forgiveness vs. Vengeance" (March/April 2015)

"A Sword and a Smile:  Zorro" (Jan/Feb 2015)


"She IS Family:  While You Were Sleeping" (Nov/Dec 2014)

"This isn't Some Fairy Tale:  Angel and Buffy" (Halloween 2014)

"Forgotten Front:  Combat!" (Sept/Oct 2014)

"Time Machine:  Colonial Williamsburg" (July/Aug 2014)

"The Man Who Changed the World" (May/June 2014)